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  Events 2017  
13th Jan 17 Tatcho Drom performs the Russian Gypsy Soul Russian New Years Celebration in Kensington/London - Video Excerpt
18th Jan 17 Balkan Ensemble - Magic Music Class starts  
19th Jan 17 Tatcho Drom Performance for Balkan Photography Exhibition at the EBRD  
20th Jan 17 Tatcho Drom at the Goodenough College WC1N 2AN Concert organised by the Balkan Society of Goodenough College - A performance at a classy location, with an inspired audience which joined in dancing... View Pix - watch vid excerpts
26th February London Fiddle Convention
Evening Concert - 7.30pm
Gundula + Tatcho Drom members perform Fiddle-led music from Bulgaria, Kosovo and Macedonia
~ info ~
16th March Tatcho Drom performance at the National Brewery Centre, Staffordshire vibrant performance with guest dancers Linda Cremin and Vilmos Hathazi
17th March City University Balkan Ensemble Lunchtime performance at the City University Performance Space - watch vids - see pix
28th - 30th Apr 17 Transylvanian Gypsy and Folk tunes: A visit from Dracula... Residential Music Workshop at Benslow Music, Hitchin, led by Gundula
Info and Booking
21st May Tatcho Drom performance at the Nottinghill Mayfest with
special guest: dancer Linda Cremin

View Videos
View the Flyer for more info

9th June Tatcho Drom at the Plough Art Centre, Teddington/Devon  
10th June GRTHM Singing Workshop 3pm at the Hackney Central Library.
3.45pm Dancing Performance & Workshop by Loli Grasnya ~ view videos
5th July Balkan Jam and Dance Session
led by Gundula, part of Serena's Art Exhibition
with Members of Tatcho Drom, the City Balkan Ensemble, and the dance grouop Loli Grasnya. at the Safehouse, Peckham - more info
8th July Tatcho Drom at the Ipswich Global Rythm World Music Festival Tatcho Drom will perform at 2.15pm on the Martin Burley Peppery Stage - more info here
8th Sept Russian Gypsy Soul Performance in Oxfordshire t.b.c.

more info soon...

27th Sept Balkan Ensemble sessions starts learn and perform... at City University near Angel tube.. Info and booking here
4th Nov Tatcho Drom performs 'Russian Gypsy Soul' at the Open Russia part of the Conference about the Russian Revolution
21st Nov Tatcho Drom at the City University, London Performance Space, College Building, St John's Road. Admission Free, Info and booking
  Events 2016
23rd Jan Saint Sava Serbian Celebration Music and Dance performance, followed by a big party at the Serbian Orthodox Church Hall, a celebration with traditional Music and Dance events.
29th Jan Tatcho Drom Live at the Green Note
joined by Elena Dana on vocals
As usual, a great enjoyable event at one of our favorite performance venues in London. We performed our favorite, new and old Balkan pieces, and the 'From Russia with Love' repertoire for the last time... Greetings to our very lively anf enthusiastic audience !!!
14th Feb London Fiddle Convention
a day of workshops and performances
The yearly fiddle extravaganza at Cecil Sharp House, London 12.45 - 10pm. This time new: a children's workshop innitiated and led by myself. I also led the usual Balkan workshop, and some performances for the Tutor's and the evening concert, and judged in the Fiddle Competition.
1st - 9th April Research and Discovery Trip to Macedonia I went back to visit my Musician's Friend's from Summer - lots of music making and learning of music involved... Read my travel blog here
15th - 17th April Residential Music Workshop 
at Benslow Music
'The Soul of Hungarian Gypsy Music'

Benslow Music is a magic location, and with my 7 workshop participants we enjoyed thoroughly around 15 hours of learning and playing... view the memory pix from our group: pix 1 - pix 2

20th April - 29th June
Wed eve's
Magic Violin
Balkan Music Courses

regular weekly classes from 7 - 8.30pm
at Voxbox Studios, Eversholt Street
click here for details and booking
10th June Tatcho Drom at the Jubilee Hall, Hartley, Hampshire

~ View the videos ~

18th June GRTHM
Family Workshop and Concert with Tatcho Drom
at the Hackney Central Library
2pm Singing Workshop, 3pm Family Concert. Celebrate the Gypsy Roma Travellers History Month - FREE ADMISSION! ~ Flyer ~
10th July Tatcho Drom performance at the BIG WEEKEND Cambridge  
17th July Tatcho Drom at the
Norden Farm Arts Centre , Maidenhead
~ View Video Excerpts ~
28th - 29th July Tatcho Drom at SOAS (School for Oriental and African Studies)  
9th Aug - 22nd Aug More Macedonian Explorations:
Gundula's 2nd Discovery Trip
View the Travel Blog
10th Sept Tatcho Drom performs the Russian Gypsy Soul Show Parham, Suffolk
22nd Oct Tatcho Drom performs the Russian Gypsy Soul Show at Ognisko, South Kensington ~ video ~
15th Nov Ethnic Music Days, Ankara performance as special guest with the Akdeniz Orchestrasi Nefes, Ankara
view the poster
4th Dec Tatcho Drom at the Le Quecumbar, Battersea

doors open at 6pm, performance starts at 8pm
Info and tickets here

9th Dec City University Balkan Ensemble - Debut Performance Christmas Cabaret of the Music Department - view pix - watch vids
  Events 2015
15th Feb London Fiddle Convention
a day of workshops and performances

The yearly fiddle extravaganza at Cecil Sharp House, London 12.45 - 10pm. I led 2 packed workshop to inspired fiddle players from around the UK, and performed in both concert.
Watch some videos: Pushta - Lolli Phabay-Kikko

29th April Magic Music Classes
The birth of a new Balkan music course in London

running every Wed eve from 7 til 8.30pm
the Flyer - a picture

22nd May Hoxton Kitchen & Bar
Tatcho Drom performance with the Ukrainians
with Russian singer Natasha
... a very special experience to perform Russian Gypsy songs to a Ukrainian Rock audience...
28th May Nottinghill May Fest
Tatcho Drom performs 'From Russia with Love'
A vibrant performance to a lively audience mostly up and dancing at the end, with special guests singer Natasha Kvach and dancer Alexandra Constantinescu Watch the Videos
2nd June GRTHM Story Telling Workshop
at Hackney Central Library
part of the Gypsy Roma Travellers History Month of Hackney. A sweet little workshop about Romany Story telling with music
20th June GRTHM Singing Workshop
at Hackney Central Library
as above. I taught Romany songs from Eastern Europe including some history, language and background to the participants
2nd - 19th Aug Gundula's Balkan Music Discovery Travel Bulgaria and Macedonia, the country with THE best music - a truly inspiring trip... Read my travel blog
22nd Aug Performance at the On the Edge Festival with Tatcho Drom a great Outdoor Festival at the Richmond River front - we had amazing weather and a great sunny audience :-) Watch some video excerpts.
29th Aug Gretton Village Festival at the Village Hall, Gretton/Nottinghamshire small festivals can be the best, if led by such inspired people and one is so well looked after...
Gallery - Video: Tutti Frutti - Video: Excerpts of the festival
30th Aug Performance with Tatcho Drom at the Journey's Festival, Leicester An amazing festival but for the rain... The first festival I lent my umbrella to the audience in exchange for dacning in the rain, and yes, we had plenti of people dancing in the rain...
30th Sept Ritzy Brixton, Tatcho Drom performance at Garth's night 'Princes Amongst Men' The first set we dedicated to Serbian and Balkan Romany Songs, in memory or Gordana Miller, and amazing lady and good friend who had passed away a year before ...
15th Nov Celebration of Ljiljana's Live A memorial event for our lovely dancer Ljiljana Grkinic, who passed away in November 2014. Inspiring dance and music performances...
  Events 2014
2nd Feb Simon Albury's Family Party with London Gypsy Orchestra at great semi-public party with fundraising for Africa at Cecil Sharp House. Here a pic - or view the whole album
29th March Music Social, an activity of the 'Gypsyology Culture Project' with LGO, created and led by Gundula an great and inspiring evening of shared music making, jam sessions, open mic and dancing at the Gallery Cafe, Bethnal Green - Pix Gallery
4th & 5th Apr Performance at the Wilton Music Hall life music performance after the Romanian play: Father Nandru and the Wolves
11th May Gypsyology Culture Day at the Brady Art Centre Family and Gala concert, dance, singing and music workshops, and a Musical Dinner... all created, organised and led by Gundula - watch Videos - Gallery
24th May Music Social, an activity of the 'Gypsyology Culture Project' with LGO, created and led by Gundula another fun eve of shared music making, jam sessions, open mic and dancing at the Gallery Cafe, Bethnal Green
7th June The second edition of the Balkan Organ Carnival at the St Gabriel's Church Wanstead performance with Church Organ, Steel Pan and Gypsy Orchestra, featuring Gundula's composition 'One Day in Grunistan'. Speial guests Jenny Gilberg/Steelpan and Paul Ayres/Organ view pix
21st June Gypsyology Outing - a public day out to Kent Visit of the Romany Museum in Kent, tewasure hunt through the forests nearby, meeting at the picnic place with barbecue and jam session. A mad and joyful day... Gallery
28th June A Romany Drom - Music and Dance performance at the Victoria & Albert Museum a musical journey from India to Western Europe. project commision by the V&A and created by Gundula, performed with Tatcho Drom. Watch a video excerpt
6th July Gypsy Land Ball outdoor festival as part of the Gypsy Land project in Brockwell Park
7th - 11th July SOAS Summer School: 'Learn Transylvanian Treasures' a week-long workshop led by Gundula at the School for Oriental and African Studies, London
13th July - 2nd August Discovery Journey through Transylvania and more... read my travel blog with pix and vids...
16th Aug Vortex Outdoor Festival at Gillet Square, London an amazing day of music, great acts and a packed square full of people...
10th Oct Tatcho Drom at the Green Note, Camden  
20th Oct Music Workshop at Powis/Wales  
22nd Oct Music Masterclasses, workshops and Concert Tatcho Drom educates and performs at the Concorde College, Shrewsbury, Shropshire - Gallery
25th Oct Dance Around the World Festival a colourful festival at Cecil Sharp House
19th Nov Performing and modelling for Johnyy's Drawing Class an interesting experience with an audience of painters who 'drew' my playing... look at some drawings
27th Nov Rossgarth Insurance Fest - Tatcho Drom performs with Dancers Saeeda and Tamas A semi-public, semi-theatrical performance in the heart of London... Gallery
  Events 2013
27th Jan Tatcho Drom Performance for the Holocaust Memorial Day 2013 at the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre The Holocaust had commissioned Gundula for an arrangement of 'Djelem Djelem' a song written in Holocaust times and now considered the Romany anthem... view the video
13th Feb

Tatcho Drom at Le Quecumbar, Battersea, London

~ flyer ~

Tatcho decided to go for a completely acoustic performance in this charming cafe-bar. It was a great feel to only use projection and it felt immensly free not having any cables involved... appreciated by an intensely listening audience too ...
15th Feb Tatcho Drom at the Whitchurch Leisure Centre, Shropshire The start of the Tatcho Drom village hall tour 2013 in Shropshire - we love village hall concerts, as they are intimate, in the most beautiful and remote places, AND you are looked after by the promoters with love, care, and appreciation ! Gallery
16th Feb Tatcho Drom at the Weobley Village Hall , Herefordshire
21st Feb Thoresby Riding Hall Theatre, Nottinghamshire One of the highlights of this tour ... Gallery
22nd Feb St Mary's Hall Radcliffe Nottinghamshire
23rd Feb Gringley Village Hall Nottinghamshire
28th Feb St Andrew's Church, Leicestershire Concert in a stunning church, watch some pix of our preps for the concert
1st Mar Nettleton Village Hall Lincolnshire - Tatcho Drom picture
2nd Mar Mareham-Le-Fen Village Hall 'sold out' - the villagers welcomed us proudly... Gallery
7th Mar Ketton Village Hall Lincolnshire - Gallery
8th Mar Wymeswold Memorial Hall Leicestershire - Gallery - Video 1 - Video 2
9th Mar All Hallows Hall Nottinghamshire
23rd Mar

London Gypsy Orchestra at South Hill Park Art Centre, Berkshire

produced and led by Gundula Gruen

Gypsy Extravaganza, a very successful and enjoyable concert featuring LGO's colourful and exuberant Gypsy dance group.
From the audience: "It was the best show I've ever seen at Southhill Park" (S. Gagliano). LGO Gallery - Poster
4th May London Gypsy Orchestra at Cecil Sharp House, London The LGO marked the spring festival of Ederlezi with a successfully exuberant concert - Gallery
5th May Tatcho Drom at the Hidrellez Festival Ederlezi, the spring festival in Turkish. Performance at the Round Chapel, Hackney , London
6th June Tatcho Drom Concert for the GRTHM Gypsy Roma Travellers History Month, a performance dedicated to celebrate Romany Culture at the Hackney Central Library - Gallery
29th June Music and Story Telling Workshop at the Homerton Libary Gundula led a workshop for Music and Storytelling in Romany Culture, part the the GRTHM2013 in Hackney
1st July - 5th July SOAS Summer School: 'The Soul of Hungarian Gypsy Music Gundula leads a week-long workshop teaching the most beautiful pieces of Hungarian Gypsy music.
6th July Tatcho Drom at the St Ethelsburgas a vibrant and souldful performance at this atmospheric venue
14th July Tatcho Drom at the Battersea Park Outdoor performance in bright sunshine to a lively summery audience
24th July Tatcho Drom at the Vortex Jazz Club one of our favorite performance venues in London...
24th Aug Balkan Organ Carnival featuring Church Organ, Steel Pan and Gypsy Orchstra at the St John's Church, Notting Hill A thrilling concert celebrating the newly restored organ at St John’s. The church organ, played by Paul Ayres, and steel pan, played by Jenny Gilbey, joined with the orchestra in playing the LGO's traditional repertoire as well as the premiere of 'One Day in Grunistan', a new piece by Gundula Gruen - Gallery 1 - Gallery 2 - watch videos
4th Oct Tatcho Drom at the Green Note in London  
9th Oct Tatcho Drom is special guest at the SOAS Radio with DJ Ritu live performance and interviews, chats...
13th Oct Tatcho Drom is special guest at 'The Relatively Good Radio Show', Resonance Radio  
19th Oct LGO Vocal Auditions at the Evin Cafe, Dalston The second round for a new LGO singer, in public - a vibrant performance with lots of public input - Gallery
1st Nov LGO Vocal Auditions at the IOE Bar The 3rd and final round - with exciting performances from the last 3 singers - Gallery
8th Nov Tatcho Drom performance at the Jamboree, London soulful performance for a listening audience in the 1st set and for mad dancing in the 2nd half - Gallery
9th Nov Tatcho Drom at the Equator Festival Quaterhouse Kent - we have lovely local Romany dancers supporting us and joining our set
  Events 2012
27th Jan Tatcho Drom at the Green Note Camden, London
5th Feb Gypsy Extravagance with LGO and the Dance Group at the Bedford Corn Exchange, directed by Gundula

Despite the snow the group made it delay-free to Bedford by train, for a performance of Gypsy Extravaganza in this elegant domed historical building converted into an excellent concert and performance venue. Read a review - watch videos - Gallery

7th Feb Tatcho Drom  
8th Feb Tatcho Drom  
17th Mar LGO Dance Group at the Harrow Arts Festival A small group of musicians with a big group of dancers added colour and vibrance to the festival...
25th Mar Music Discovery Day at Cecil Sharp House, London LGO's annual Culture Day at Cecil Sharp House, created, organised and directed by Gundula. Read more info & Gallery - Video
15th Apr LGO performance at the GB Dance and Music Festival The LGO opened the gala event of the GB Dance and Music Festival, organised by Musica Nova,
the Anglo-Russian Music Academy in London - Gallery -
28th Apr Tatcho Drom at the St Gabriel's Church, Wanstead  
29th Apr Balkan Music Workshop at the Concorde College, Shrewsbury  
16th June Tatcho Drom at the Chipping Norten Theatre, Oxfordshire This concert was one of Tatcho's highlights to date. A soulful performance in this stunning little theatre, a great audience, and we enjoyed ourselves so much ! Videos - Gallery
17th June Celebrating Sanctury Festival, Southbank, London The LGO presented a lively and colourful afternoon of music and dance performances. We were joined by the Zivko Firfov Folklore Group, Janna Eliot and our own Gypsy Dance group, performing in traditional Gypsy-style colourful swirling skirts. Info & Gallery
18th June School Concert at Mascalls School, Paddock Wood, Kent Gundula & Allessia performed a concert celebrating the Gypsy Roma Travellers History Month
18th - 24th June SOAS Summer School Gundula leads a week-long workshop teaching the a mixture of Eastern European and Balkan pieces at the School for Oriental and African Studies
9th Oct Tatcho Drom at the Norden Farm Centre of the Arts, Maidenhead

Audience Comments: ‘the Balkan Band were simply wonderful and Gundula delightful’
- video 1 - video 2

10th Oct Tatcho Drom at the Islington Museum Performance connected to a Romany exhibition.
17th Nov Balkanika Britanika with the London Gypsy Orchestra and Tatcho Drom - performance created, organised and led by Gundula A very successful and enjoyable concert, with an excellent turnout filling the Union Chapel. Special guests on vocals - Nicola Burnett-Smith and Mark Glanville...
‘The centre of the energy emitting from the musicians assembled on stage was certainly Gundula Gruen, whose ability to conduct, perform on violin and vocals without sheet music and smile widely at the same time was mesmerizing’… the Gazette - video - gallery
30th Nov Tatcho Drom at the Comberton Art & Leisure Centre  
6th Dec Tatcho Drom & LGO performance at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development A special performance for the EBRD's staff and their guests, and other visitors, in which everyone was roused out of their seats and dancing for most of the show - project video - Gallery
8th Dec Spitalfields Winter Festival LGO performance for the Winter Market fundraising event for Crisis - Gallery -
16th Dec Children's Winter Concert at the Hoxton Hall A special concert by the LGO, featuring the Colourful Children's Choir, who had been taught by Gundula and joined the concert. - Gallery -
  Events 2011
1st Jan Balkan Express with the LGO Performance and Dinner event with the LGO
15th Jan 'Gypsy it !' Project opening at the Round Chapel, Hackney LGO Interactice community event created and led by Gundula. A great turn-out of local people, lovely atmosphere and inspiring performances with lots of joining in. - More Info - Gallery -
22nd Jan Tatcho Drom at the Rowledge Village Hall, Farnham Performance of the Gypsy Fiddle Feast show
28th Jan Tatcho Drom at the Royal Festival Hall Foyer, London Southbank Gallery
29th Jan St Sava Serbian Celebration Tatcho Drom performs at the Serbian Orthodox Church Hall, Ladbroke Grove, London
4th Feb LGO at the Stratford Circus Theatre An exciting concert with the full orchestra at this excellent new arts centre in Stratford
13th Feb Balkan Express at La Rueda, London Chelsea with the London Gypsy Orchestra and the Serbian Dance Group as special guests
26th Feb Gypsy It ! Music Social The finale of the Gypsy-It! project: the groups who had been attending the music and dance classes with Ricardo Marek and Benjamin Czureja over the last 6 weeks demonstrated the marvellous pieces they had learnt ~info~ ~ Gallery~
28th Feb Tatcho Drom at Le Qu Audience Quote:

" … most of all I loved her playing and singing: unaffected and full of life… with her musicality and lifelines she is giving out something so precious and important in this muddled world!" - Gallery -

13th March Balkan Express at La Rueda, London Chelsea Musical Dinner and Dance event with Tatcho Drom
19th March Gypsy Culture Day with LGO and special guests at Cecil Sharp House, London an all-day event led and organised by the Gundula, which featured lots of surprises - the superb Romany Diamonds and spectacular and colourful Gypsy dancing. The day included a dance workshop for families, a family concert, workshops in singing, art and dance, a delicious meal with great open mic performances, and a dramatic evening concert. ~Videos~ ~ Gallery 1~ Gallery 2 ~
15th April Tatcho Drom at St Ethelburgas An atmospheric performance in this stunning ald chapel to a full house of excited listeners... ~ Gallery ~ Video ~
17th April LGO at the Notting Hill Arts Club A social-slash-club night with music, dance, and a fashion show of our hand-crafted Gypsy dance costumes... ~ Gallery ~
4th May Tatcho Drom at the Oakengates Theatre, Telford Performance of the Gypsy Fiddle Feast Show
6th May Tatcho Drom at the Pound Arts Theatre, Corsham performance of the Gypsy Fiddle Feast with the Romany Diamonds ~ Videos ~
22nd May Tatcho Drom at the Green Note Camden...
3rd June Tatcho Drom at the Mas Cafe performance for 'Music Accross Borders'
10th June Tatcho Drom at the Jamboree  
24th June Tatcho Drom at the Crawley Folk Festival at the Hawth Art Centre, West Sussex
25th June Tatcho Drom at the Corsham Arts Festival Performance with the Romany Diamonds ~ Video ~
9th July Rhythm of the World Festival A large and amazing festival dedicated to real World Music in Hitchin
11th - 15th July SOAS Summer School

Course for Eastern European and Balkan Gypsy Music led by Gundula

17th July Tatcho Drom at Le Qu Le Quecumbar, Battersea.
30th Sept Tatcho Drom at the Purcel Room, South Bank, London Tatcho felt incredibly honored to perform at this prestige venue - we did receive standing ovasions... ~ Gallery ~
8th Oct LGO Children's Concert at the Trinity Centre, Dalsten wither special guests The Marionettears' ~ video ~ Gallery 1 ~ Gallery 2
9th Oct Tatcho Drom at the Stadtweinhaus, Münster, Germany invited by Ragip and the local Münster Romany organisations, Tatcho performed a journey of Romany Music with Special Guest singer Bojana Fabel - Gundula was showered in Red Roses in the applause...
23rd Oct Dance Around the World Festival The LGO's Gypsy Dance Group, accompanied by musicians from the LGO, presented a workshop and a performance
6th Nov Gypsy Extravaganza at the Union Chapel LGO's big concert of the autumn in the spectacular space of the Union Chapel - this event featured the Gypsy Dance Group with their fantastic swirling skirts and exciting choreographies, LGO's best new songs and tunes, and the successful premiere of Gundula's epic composition based on the tune 'Time'. ~ Video ~ Gallery 1 ~ Gallery 2 ~
19th Nov Gypsy Fiddle Feast at the Ashford Youth Club Tatcho Drom performance, joined by Benjamin from the Romany Diamonds and local Romany dancers ~ video ~
10th Dec Tatcho Drom at the Hawth Art Centre  
  Events 2010  
  ... in construction  


Events 2010

Sat 15th May 2010 Tatcho Drom live at the Serbian Embassy
Tatcho Drom perform as Special guests
for "Life is a Cabaret", a musical show for the opening of Atelier Artino's Art Exhibition. More info at

Sat 22nd May 2010 8 - 10pm: Tatcho Drom live on Air
at Radio BBC London 94.9
This program introduces London's Balkan Fever Festival 2010 (below). Tatcho Drom will perform live, chat with DJ Ritu and Kazum
, who will play tracks of the other festival bands. More info at

Sun 23rd May 2010 7.30pm: London Gypsy Orchestra
at the Notting Hill Mayfest

Johns Church Lansdowne Crescent, Notting Hill, London W11 2NN. Tickets £10 / £7 concessions.


Sat 29th May 2010: Tatcho Drom at the Balkan Fever Festival
at Ocean, Hackney 270 Mare Street, Hackney, E8 1HE. Tatcho Drom will open the event, followed by Besh O Drom (Hungary), the Adrian Caspar Gypsy Combo (Austria), Amira/Merima Kljuco (Bosnia) and DJ Ahilea.

Tickets £10 – 16 at Doors open/DJ from 6.30, live music from 7.30pm…More info at and

Sat 12 th June 2010 8pm: Tatcho Drom at Ritzi Cinema, Brixton
Ritzy Picturehouse Upstairs, Brixton Oval, Coldharbour Lane,  SW2 1JG
More info at

Sat 13th June 2010 3pm: London Gypsy Orchestra
at the Kenneth More Theatre, Ilford Oakfield Rd, IG1 1BT
Afternoon event for Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month - the first half of the event will feature music and
 dance from children and young people from RMS Fiddlers & Co and local schools, and the second half will be
 a concert by the London Gypsy Orchestra. Tickets: £8 (Senior/Student/Child £5)
 Bookings via the theatre -  or tel: 020 8553 4466

Mon 14th June 2010 Tatcho Drom at Le Quecumbar
for a Celebration of the Gypsy Roma Travellers History Months

Battersea 42~44 Battersea High Street, SW11 3HX, 020 7787 2227.
cious Dinner from 6pm, concert starts at 8pm.

Tickets £10 in advance from, £13 on the door. More info at or

Thu 24th June 2010, 1.45pm: London Gypsy Orchestra
at the Golowan Festival, Penzance
more info soon

Sat 24th July 2010, 12noon - 4pm: London Gypsy Orchestra + Tatcho Drom
at the Redbridge GRTHM Celebration - a colourful outdoor day festival to share Gypsy music and culture
Ilford, Redbridge. More info soon...

Sun 25th July 2010, 1.45pm: London Gypsy Orchestra
at the Rhythm of the World Festival
Hitchin, Herts, more info soon

Wed 14th April 2010, 7.30pm Tatcho Drom at the Rich Mix Cinema
35-47 Bethnal Green Road
E1 6LA 020 7613 7498

Sat 17th April 2010, Tatcho Drom
at the New Empowering Church 1a Westgate St London, E8 3R
Part of a huge Stranger than Paradise party - Tatcho Drom will perfrom their hyperkinetic partiest Gypsy Balkan set - more info at

Sat/Sun 8-9th May 2010 Gypsy Balkan Music Workshop, led by Gundula Gruen
Welshpool, Shropwshire

email for info to

Sat 20th March 2010: 'OPA CUPA'
A family day of workshops, concerts and events dedicated to Serbian music and dance.
organised and led by Gundula and the London Gypsy Orchestra
sponsored by the Cecil Sharp House, 2 Regents Park Road . London NW1 7AY
Special Guests: Zivko Firfov Folklore Dance group.
Please click HERE to view the flyer and HERE for details about events and tickets.
Info from or 07879462199

Fri 26th March 2010 Tatcho Drom
performs at the International Romany Conference
Hippodrome, Birmingham

Sunday 7th February 2010: Tatcho Drom at Le Quecumbar
Battersea 42~44 Battersea High Street, SW11 3HX, 020 7787 2227

An evening of Balkan, Gypsy music to thrill your heart and make your soul dance
– and perhaps your feet too?

open at 6 food available until 10, tables allocated on arrival, £10 in advance, £13 on the do
or Tickets

Friday 26th Feb 2010 8pm: London Gypsy Orchestra
at St Ethelsburga

78 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AG.
Doors Open 7
pm, concert starts at 7.30pm.Tickets £12.
With this concert the LGO will introduce its new formation, made up from the 15 most enthusiastic musicians of LGO. It was founded end of last year to
be suitable for smaller places
and being more flexible to tour all over the UK. Find more info at

Sun 7th March 2010 2pm, 4pm, 6pm: London Gypsy Orchestra
at the Workingsman Club, Hackney

more details soon

Events 2009

Sat 17th Oct 09 8.30pm: previous ZiG - now grown up to Tatcho Drom
at the Canterbury Festival
Festival Club, St Alphege’s Church, Canterbury Environment Centre, St Aphege’s Lane, Canterbury e info at

Sun 25th Oct 09 8.30pm: Tatcho Drom
as support for the legendary Mostar Sevdah Reunion

20-22 Highbury Corner, London N5 1RD
tickets from

info:, Relentless Garage

Sat 31st Oct 09 8.30pm: London Gypsy Orchestra's Halloween Party
Balkan Bats and Devils Fiddles

at the In an the Green, Portobello

3-5 Thorpe Close, London W10 5XL

Thu 5th Nov 09 7.00pm: Balkan Ceilidh with Tatcho Drom
and dance teacher Toni Gutman

Coronation Hall, Ulverston

Part of the LGO Music from a Foreign Land project

Fri 6th Nov 09 8.00pm: London Gypsy Orchestra’s new masterful 15-piece ensemble performs at the Lake District Summer Music
Music from a Foreign Land

Coronation Hall, Ulverston

Together with a 200-piece choir, that Gundula and Martin shall teach the week before, this concert promise to be a great spectacle!


12th September 09 7.30-11pm
The London Gypsy Orchestra live at St Gabriel's Church Hall Wanstead, Park Road, E12, East London
Special Guest: Dancer Cynthia Tabone
Tickets £15 from Sue Mutter 07956 374252  - com

Monday 14th September 09, 8pm
Tatcho Drom
at Proud in Camden, Chalk Farm Road (right in the heart of the Camdem Market), London (Camdem Town), NW1 8AH
Get ready to Party! A night of frentic Balkan, Gypsy Ska, Turbo Folk and Ninja Music, organized by Supersax Alejandro, who will perform with his Magic Tombolinos the same night!

Fri 12th September 09 7.30pm: London Gypsy Orchestra
at St Gabriels Church Hall
, Wanstead
Park Road, E12, Wanstead, East London
Special Guest: Dancer Cynthia Tabone

Tickets £15 from Sue Mutter 07956 374252  - com

Sun 27th Sept 09 2pm - late: Balkan Barry's Big Day Out
Join the Guc- inspired parade from The Griffin, L eonard S treet EC2A 4RD, at 5pm with the London Gypsy Orchestra and arrive to the Brick House, Brick Lane, E1 6RU to a party with Gundula's new group Tatcho Drom and DJ Tomisla

Thu 30th March: 9pm London Gypsy Orchestra perform at the
Romany Film Festival, Genesis Cinema Whitchappel - details follow soon

Thu 27th April: 9pm Performance with Dancer Ljiliana
Violin and oriental dance showcase in the Darbuka Club
Darbuka World music bar, 182 Basement St John Street, Clerkenwell, London EC1V 4JZ
Tel: 020 7490 8772

Sat 20th May: 2pm ŽiG duo: Gundula & Živorad perform at the
Holloway Arts Festival
- admission free !
Baseline tent stage, Whittington Park, Holloway

Sun 21st May: 9pm London Gypsy Orchestra
Performance at the Notting Hill Arts Club - Radio Gagarin
21 Notting Hill Gate
, London W11 3 JQ

13th, 19th, 21st June: ŽiG duo workshop and performance
in Schools for the Celebration of Gypsy Culture in Brent
details tbc.

Thu 22nd June: 4.30pm ZiG duo
Performance at the Prince of Wales Primary School Party
Salisbury Road, Enfield EN3 6HG

Saturday 24th June: ŽiG duo at the Tog Fest
Milton Keynes, more info at details tbc.

Friday 7th July: 8 - 11pm London Gypsy Orchestra in Concert
Dragon Hall Dragon Hall, 17 Stukeley Street, WC2B 5LT detasils tbc.